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Although Custom T-shirt are just a type of clothes that are common in summer and can’t be more common, the quality can still be seen. Even if it’s not for showing off, we should choose the one with a slightly higher price and better quality. Wear it right. T-shirt customization also has quality points, let’s take a look at the difference between them.

High-quality t-shirt prints are clear and non-blocking. Low-quality t-shirts have blurry prints and occasional sticking. High-quality T-shirts, take Hongzhuo as an example. Hongzhuo will use expensive Kangli ink for printing, and strictly control the quality, so that every detail is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As long as the T-shirts are not pressed together, in general, the prints will not stick to the clothes.

And low-quality T-shirt Printing Business, because of the low price, so in order to reduce costs, the ink will also use cheap. This will cause the print to be blurred in places and not smudged. The ink used for ordinary T-shirts will also be more easily damaged than high-quality T-shirts to a certain extent.

Since high-quality T-shirts ensure the high-end nature of the brand, the requirements for routing will be more stringent than ordinary T-shirts. Like LV’s T-shirts, because of the pursuit of high-quality viewing, and even a few stitches on a line, there are clear requirements.

T-shirts have low prices and low costs, so they are generally only sewed carelessly. As long as there is no drop, they can be completed, and do not pursue viewing.

High-quality T-shirts have very strict standards on the collar. Let’s take Hongzhuo as an example. The collar of Hongzhuo’s T-shirts must be flat without undulations, and the embroidery words must be clear. Low-quality T-shirts will not care about the level of the collar, and the embroidered fonts will also be unclear. Some even have the problem of the collar falling off.

The actual size of Company T-shirt Design is unified with the official size chart, and there is no unified indicator for the size of quality T-shirts. All sizes of high-quality T-shirts are cut and produced in strict accordance with the size chart. You only need to refer to the data when purchasing.

When sent to the customer, the clothes have no odor, the appearance is neat, and the packaging is intact. This is too obvious. In addition to not being well placed, cheap clothes are even packaged so-so. Generally, after opening the package, the smell is still unpleasant. That is because the warehouse is wet and accumulated, which leads to peculiar smell. This is not the case with the high-priced Tee. Every link from you unpacking to seeing the goods will make you very comfortable.

Custom T-shirt Clothing Printing Company

T-shirts are clothes that we often wear in our daily life. Whether we wear them outside or commute to home, T-shirts are almost everywhere.

With the popularity of personalized customization, Custom T-shirt have been endowed with more functions: corporate brand promotion, strengthening cultural construction; collective activities to brighten the theme, enhance the atmosphere; individuals show personality, express attitude… People are more and more pursuing The personalized characteristics of T-shirts have also increased the demand for creative T-shirt customization.

In addition to making the Clothing Printing pattern stand out, the custom short-sleeved pattern can also be placed in an eye-catching position. Like the picture below, the design pattern is placed at the connection between the sleeve and the front of the garment, rather than directly printing it on the chest. It is also more eye-catching. In addition to such a large placement, some will print the whole dress, but if you don’t choose a good pattern, it will also make the whole dress look dirty.

This T-Shirt Customization requirement of printing at the seam line is different from ordinary garment customization. It is printed and sewn together through each piece of cloth, so it is generally only possible to print such a special order with a certain minimum order quantity. The printing, but the customized effect can make people shine.

In fact, if the pattern of a custom T-shirt is customized for yourself, what you like is the most important thing. To give it to others is to think about what kind of pattern he likes from the perspective of the other party, and adding some design sense to it can also surprise the other party.

The custom pattern of creative T-shirts is a big test of design. Antique, hip-hop, cute, minimalist, dark, etc. can be designed according to your own preferences. You can also print your favorite photos on T-shirts by digital direct injection or heat transfer to show your own design style and uniqueness.

In recent years, slogan T-shirt Clothing Printing Company are very popular. When walking on the road, they are often attracted by the copywriting on some T-shirts. Occupation to design the text, you can also design according to your own state, attitude and so on.

In addition, the text fonts should also be beautiful and in line with the characteristics of the copywriting, and can also be combined with some patterns and crafts to more vividly show their creativity and attitude. If you want to print your attitude and ideas on T-shirts and express them through clothing, let’s customize creative T-shirts together.

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Summer is the most sweaty season. This season has particularly high requirements for Personalized T-shirt. Otherwise, you will feel that the sweat cannot be discharged, and the T-shirts will have an odor after a long time. Customized personalized t-shirts, choose clothes with good moisture absorption and release performance, and wear them comfortably. The T-shirt fabrics used in summer are made of linen, silk or cotton fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics are not suitable. Linen not only absorbs moisture well, but also absorbs moisture very well and conducts heat quickly. Wearing linen clothes in summer absorbs and disperses sweat quickly.

Personalized t-shirts are customized. It is easy to sweat in summer. Most of the perspiration of people is removed by transpiration, hand wiping and adsorption by close clothes. Only a very small amount of sweat is absorbed by the body epidermis. It is especially important to choose comfortable clothes that allow you to sweat easily. Clothes absorb sweat, disperse sweat, breathable, and more comfortable to wear.

Personalized text t-shirt customization? What characters should be printed on a custom text T-shirt Design Near Me? Text T-shirts are a way of life for some young people. They are very popular in summer. Some are also very positive. Chinese characters are broad and profound. If you are tired of reading all kinds of prints, it is also good to have some personalized T-shirts. So what are some good words to print on a T-shirt printing?

This is a mantra often said by modern people. Life is so tiring and the point is that there is no money. Who doesn’t want to get rich overnight, and then travel and eat, drink and have fun. Of course, this kind of thing is not so easy to achieve in reality, but it is also a state of mind of people for the future.

This is a personalized T-shirt customization that is very suitable for programmers. I believe that every programmer has beaten the product manager many times in their hearts, but they still need to do it. This T-shirt Design is very interesting, and it is very useful for product managers. Make jokes.

It’s such a despairing thing that I don’t have money and time. I also wanted to suffer from the world. I wanted to be a literary youth and live a life of indifference to the world, but the reality gave me a slap in the face. You are still poor. Work well.

As an important witness of civilization, on the one hand, it helps human beings to inherit culture; As an art carrier that we are familiar with, clothing design has always been fond of words, because it is simpler and more abstract than patterns.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Online

No matter what the yearly fashion is, those classics will never be replaced by other trends. Some people say that what is the difference between white Custom T-shirt anyway? Is there a need to customize pure white T-shirts? But very few.

Generally speaking, one of the people who want to customize a white T is the customization of T-shirts that like simple atmosphere and pursue quality. Another group of people who customize white T-shirts are the bottom shirts of hand-painted cultural shirts. This group of people is a large number of white bottom shirts customized by enterprises or groups.

As mentioned earlier, although they are all white T-shirts, the difference and knowledge here are big if you want to wear a white T-shirt with temperament and taste. So what kind of customized white T-shirt can wear a different sense of luxury? Let’s follow Let’s go and see the crazy customization editor together!

The feeling of a white T-shirt being customized is related to the weight, count, and material of the T-shirt, and the tailoring and production process of the T-shirt affects the version of the T-shirt and thus affects the wearing feeling of the T-shirt. Regarding the material selection of white Tee, do not choose too thin and transparent materials, which will show inferior quality. It is best to choose a material that looks silky. The weight of T-shirts design on the market is generally between 160 and 220 grams. It is recommended to choose between 180 and 260 grams for short-sleeved T-shirts. If they are too thin, they will be transparent, and if they are too thick, they will be stuffy.

The custom count of T-shirts is generally 21 and 32, which refers to the average number of cotton fiber lengths, the higher the softer. Veil is divided into plain yarn, semi-fine yarn and fine yarn. The surface of the plain yarn fabric is rough, and the surface of the fine yarn fabric is neater and softer. The purchase must have the concept of material, according to the feel.

Generally, the fabrics of T-shirt Screen Printing are divided into polyester cotton and pure cotton. Polyester-cotton fabric features: soft and thick, not easy to be deformed by washing, but slightly less comfortable to wear than pure cotton. Common polyester-cotton is 80% cotton, 20% polyester or 65% cotton, 35% polyester ratio.

The characteristics of pure cotton fabrics: good hand feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly to wear, but slightly less rigid. It is easy to wrinkle and deform easily after entering the water. There are also cotton and linen fabrics, which are cool and breathable in summer, suitable for girls with artistic temperament. The disadvantage is also easy to wrinkle and deform.

The textured fabrics in high-quality custom T-shirts include: compact siro spinning, mercerized cotton fabrics, pure cotton double-mercerized fabrics, and ultra-high-count yarn pure cotton fabrics. Among them, ultra-high-count yarn pure cotton fabrics are very expensive and less expensive. Some companies will use it, and some independent niche brands in China will have it. Generally, the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabrics with more than 200 yarns is quite high, and the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabrics with 250 yarns is more expensive, and there is no domestic production process for such fabrics.

Here’s another point to explain. Many people think that T-shirt Screen Printing Online must be made of pure cotton, and other blended cotton fabrics are not good. In fact, this is wrong. It is undeniable that pure cotton fabrics are natural, comfortable and breathable, but the front is also Speaking of some limitations of pure cotton fabrics.

If you want a white T-shirt to be washable, durable, crisp and stylish, then ordinary pure cotton T-shirts cannot do it, but some blended cotton can retain pure cotton fabrics. Some superior properties can change some of the shortcomings of pure cotton T-shirts, so this type of fabric is actually more expensive than pure cotton because of its superior performance.

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Summer T-shirts are versatile items, and solid colors are too simple during the day? Come crazy to customize the not simple white t-shirt, and see how fashion bloggers play the not simple white t-shirt.

Although white T shirts custom is simple, it is not possible to customize T! White T seems to be a drawing board, you can print any pattern you like on it, or literary or evil or personality, crazy Custom T-shirt can customize every white T you want.

White Tee is a single item that every girl needs to prepare more than one piece in summer, but how can a girl who always wants to wear something different will be willing to wear a simple white Tee that is no different from others? If a pure white Tee It’s impossible to capture your heart, so come and take a look at these more “expected” Tee’s below!

At the moment when Slogan Tee dominates the fashion circle T-shirt Design, Topshop also recently launched a retro-style Slogan Tee with the words “Merci”. This Tee has been released and has become a favorite of many red bloggers. Whether it is paired with jeans or a skirt, it is very playful and age-reducing. How can you miss such a fashionable and easy-to-wear Slogan Tee with a very down-to-earth price.

As a high street brand, Topshop is very attentive in design. Of course, many “well-informed” girls still say: “Why does this Tee look like a twin from GUCCI’s Tee?” The same Retro styles are bound to raise objections, but the brand’s affordable prices and outstanding design make this Tee a “summer must-have Tee.”

The red stripes and double hearts below the Merci lettering are specially designed for high-waisted jeans to create a modern look in the 90s. A super magical fashion store located in Japan, this store has only one kind of single product – white Tee, so it is called the paradise of white Tee control. This white T-shirt Printing Near Me with two red peach hearts on the front is sold in this store. If you like this pattern, you can go all over the world to find a purchasing agent, and you can also customize the T-shirt you want on the crazy customization platform.

The classic Gucci Tee doesn’t need too much introduction. Many celebrities and bloggers have different styles. When matching this Tee, which also has a hint of retro flavor, bloggers still prefer to match the modern Style of the 1980s and 1990s. The Gucci double logo belt, which is also hot this year, has also become a look with this Tee for many times.

Personalized T-shirt Customization Clothing Printing

The key point of customizing T-shirts is that you can create a casual style or a sweet style according to the transformation of the bottoms; but in order not to make the whole monotonous, you need to use accessories to create highlights.

Matching example: white small round neck T-shirt, the soft and boney version is very tolerant to the figure, the whole T-shirt is finely tailored and streamlined to sing a song, satisfying the low-key and high-end fashion Personalized T-shirt that you want every day. A basic white T-shirt like this cannot be expected to grab people’s attention at first glance, its beauty is set off.

The stylish T-shirt is paired with dark blue flared jeans, and the lines of the legs are trimmed and elongated. The trousers with slightly raised sails have a strong retro Hong Kong-style beauty, which makes the original plain and simple commuter style wear with a retro and romantic charm; carrying a pink bag in hand, conveys the heart of a cute girl to the body every corner. Easy interpretation, what is the beauty of the atmosphere without age reduction. The more subtle the place, the more it can be seen with its matching skills.

The white pure cotton T-shirt is precisely because of the simple and advanced tone, so that any style attached to it can be in harmony. Let’s take a look at this Look, white T-shirt + high-waisted black wide-leg pants T-shirt Customization, the trouser legs are split to straighten the curve of the legs, and it is automatically upgraded to a fashionable outfit. Coupled with pink canvas shoes and rattan bags, it is simple and simple. The chic sense of luxury and the comfortable and casual day-to-day style are just right.

When wearing a white T-shirt, you can first decide on the atmosphere you want to create, for example: white T-shirt + pink suspender skirt, sweet, fresh and energetic. At this time, the white T acts as a reflector, which removes the impression of rose pink on the skin color, and buffers the visual impact of the rich pink that is too warm and full. Carrying a black cloud bag is perfect.

If you like not high-profile, but very brilliant outfits, try Japanese miscellaneous literary style. The white T-shirt remains unchanged, but it is best to choose dark blue for the color of the jeans, so that the color matching has an old-fashioned look; a printed headband is tied on the head, and the unexpected highlights allow the fashion to be revealed quietly.

This set of Clothing Printing looks the simplest, but it is also the most condensed essence of dressing. White T-shirt + white suit pants, matching the same color, but because of the satin luster of the pants, it is easy to create a layer. The curvilinear silhouette of the trousers has softened such a strong item as a white T-shirt. Finally, use the off-white knitted sweater to embellish the whole, and the beauty of laziness and comfort is unfolded.

Cheap CustomT-shirt Printing Design

A new type of clothing customization service Cheap CustomT-shirt in recent years, this kind of service was only limited to T-shirt customization service 5 or 6 years ago. Now, with the maturity and progress of clothing technology, it has expanded to all kinds of clothing customization. Now, for everyone, you may only have heard of this service, but you have not understood this service very carefully. Let’s set a flag here. Clothing customization will become a popular trend in the near future, and there will be more users who like personalization.

Today, I will tell you about the customization of sweaters in clothing customization. The sweater is just suitable for the current seasonal climate. In the influence of everyone, the sweater may be the pullover sweater. In fact, there are many types of sweaters. Like the mainstream round neck sweaters and hoodies, they are all types of sweaters. Don’t think of sweaters as very heavy. It is a light and thin sweater style that works well on the upper body.

To look good and comfortable to wear CustomT-shirt Printing, the most inseparable thing is the fabric of the bottom shirt. Generally, everyone chooses cotton fabrics, so why not choose other fabrics? Because everyone doesn’t know how other fabrics are, and they can’t tell the difference between good and bad, so choosing cotton fabrics is the safest.

There are many fabrics in sweater customization that are more cost-effective and Custom T-shirt Design comfortable than cotton fabrics. The blended cotton fabrics of mercerized cotton and lycra cotton are quite good, similar in function to cotton fabrics, and the comfort is also very good. From professional In terms of level, under certain conditions, these blended cotton fabrics are much better than pure cotton fabrics.

After reading the fabric, let’s talk about the pattern of the sweater. The pattern of T-shirt Printing Design the ready-made sweater is generally printed by the merchant, and the customization of the sweater is designed by yourself, or the pattern you like is printed on the sweater, which can be reflected to a certain extent. Out of one’s own unique style of dressing, and more is the embodiment of T shirt personalization, the customization is more about the transmission of one’s own emotions, reflecting one’s own emotions and emotions on the clothing, infecting everyone around.

In addition to the choice of fabrics and patterns, the customization needs to be done by yourself, as well as the printing process, the number and size of customization, and the printing process is the key point. To test, everyone should take a small notebook and write it down. The common printing process is silk screen. Printing, digital direct injection, and embroidery, etc., silk screen printing is the most common printing process, and it is also low-cost, suitable for mass printing of a single pattern.

Print Your Own T-shirts Custom Made

Today, we will not talk about the niche, and we will mainly talk about the cotton T-shirt that everyone will buy.

T-shirt cotton is not 100% cotton, and the more cotton content, the better. We often see pure cotton declared on Taobao. People naturally think that pure cotton = 100% cotton, but in fact, as long as the cotton content in the market reaches 70%, pure cotton can be marked, and the pure cotton you want is actually pure cotton. cotton.

In fact, it is not very good for a Print Your Own T-shirts to be made of 100% cotton, because in the frequently rubbed parts such as the neckline, the all-cotton shirt will deform and become loose after only a few washings-in essence, cotton is just a natural fiber. In terms of elasticity, resilience, and recovery, there is no way to compare with chemical fibers such as spandex polyester. Most neckline webbing also needs to add spandex and polyester to make the neck comfortable and resist multiple washings.

Many fabrics woven from cotton fibers and other chemical fibers, T-shirts Custom Made are not only wrinkle-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, but also smooth and delicate, producing a luster similar to metal. We don’t have to pursue pure cotton too much. If you exercise a lot and sweat easily in summer, adding polyester fibers and other fibers to the fabric will make you feel more comfortable.

In order to have a clearer understanding, when you buy a T-shirt, you can compare the ingredients in the table below to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the T-shirt you have.

Of course, don’t be fooled by the concept of the packaging of the fabrics, such as “fast cool silk”, “breezy fabric” and “ice porcelain cotton”, just remember that this is the combination of different fibers, not too much Sophisticated inventions.

Even if the same fiber has its own cost, good and bad, then we must have a thorough understanding of whether the cotton that occupies the largest proportion in the fabric is good or bad. The top-quality cotton is generally used to make high-end business clothing, such as shirts, suits, etc., and then luxury and high-end brand T-shirts.

Generally speaking, the good T-shirts we usually come into contact with are generally Xinjiang long-staple cotton (of course, those so-called Xinjiang long-staple cottons that cost dozens of dollars are fake), and the other is Pima cotton, which can be found in Genuine pima cotton.

The craftsmanship largely undertakes the implementation of concepts such as cloudy cotton, soft waxy feeling, and skin-friendly. Contrary to the mercerizing craftsmanship, T-shirt sanding is to grind the surface of the fabric into a layer of uniform and fine fluff, which feels very waxy when you get started. , If you wear it in autumn and winter, it will feel very comfortable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to hair and is not resistant to dirt.

However, I have to say it again here, short-term treatment cannot change the long-term texture, except that the combed cotton T-shirt process can really solve the problem at the fiber level, the other two make some superficial articles.

However, only working on the “surface” can’t hide the fact that it is inherently inadequate. Most of the hand and body feel after singeing or grinding will turn the T-shirt into its original shape after several washings.

Everyone gets what they want, don’t overdo it. Heavy is not really fragrant, and the count is too high is not good. With the popularity of the heavyweight concept of T-shirts in recent years, you don’t have one or two so-called heavyweight T-shirts, as if you are not living a summer with other people.

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The letter pattern shape without background color background, the letter shape of this Custom T-shirts No Minimum is directly printed on the fabric of the Custom T-shirts No Minimum, which is more three-dimensional than the letter shape with background, because there is no influence of border and background color, it appears again. Very personal and stylish. There is no rule about what kind of T-shirts and patterns are suitable for who, it all depends on personal preference.

A Custom T-shirts No Minimum with English letters, handsome with denim shorts, and a pleated skirt with a very college style will be more retro and elegant visually, with a classical and simple aesthetic. Ju Jingyi also wears red-brown hair with a letter Custom T-shirts No Minimum and pleated skirt, which looks full of European style, like a princess in a medieval European castle. The red-brown hair looks elegant and charming.

The hand-painted English Custom T-shirts No Minimum, the hand-painted body pattern always looks so flamboyant and energetic, and has a handsome feeling of street style. The hand-painted pattern Custom T-shirts No Minimum looks casual and has a simple and fashionable sense.

Simple line pattern modeling, this modeling method more reflects the hand-painted style, using long lines and simple colors to combine into a simple and fashionable pattern shape, which is also a more popular style at present.

Because of the particularity of the pattern, this type of Custom T-shirts No Minimum can be matched with quite a few items, such as slim shorts and leather boots. The whole body shape visually creates a handsome and flamboyant style. The wearer is capable and aura, and it also modifies the figure very well.

The shape of the letter pattern of the printed body is relatively thick, and the style of the font is full of the feeling of the printed body. Although the collocation of the font can be very creative, the font of this printed body seems to be quite satisfactory.

A hand-painted graphic Custom T-shirts No Minimum with suit pants and white boots looks more refined. The whole set has a contradictory and special aesthetic feeling, which makes the wearer look very delicate while being handsome, and the style conveyed by the whole set is particularly advanced. In addition to suit pants and leggings, hand-painted graphic T-shirts can also be used to match some feminine, sexy, youthful and other styles. Because this Custom T-shirts No Minimum has an obvious style and looks simple enough, it can add highlights when matched with other items, but it will not overwhelm the guest and make the whole set look messy.

T-shirt Custom Manufacturer

Double-sided and terry available in spring and autumn, plus velvet or silver fox velvet (more dense) in autumn and winter. Different manufacturers have slight differences in the development and stocking of styles, fabrics, and bottom shirt colors. Some manufacturers can choose nearly 20 color numbers, and some manufacturers only have four color numbers. The styles are also different from the number of T-shirt Custom Manufacturer.

When it comes to the customization of styles and fabrics, we have to talk about weaving and dyeing. For style development, clothing designers and pattern designers will provide development services according to the brand’s tonality and development direction to meet the needs of the brand or Party A’s father.

T-shirt Custom Manufacturer

Weaving is to weave according to special specifications, and dyeing estimation is to carry out specific dyeing (including dyes, dosage, etc.) and special post-processing according to the color of the sample cloth provided. This is also the routine operation of clothing brands, and then the fabrics and samples can be made by the T-shirt Custom Manufacturer.

T-shirt Custom Manufacturer

The quantity requirements of the order for custom weaving and dyeing are a bit high, which is also the biggest threshold for genuine and imitation products. Most of them will still choose the spot fabrics in the fabric market, and the garment Cheap T-shirt Custom Manufacturer will complete the sewing process after dyeing (if necessary) or printing.

T-shirt Custom Manufacturer

Our common T-shirt customization business is often small in quantity and does not have the conditions for customization. We still purchase ready-made bottom shirts and complete customization by secondary printing. Affected by factors such as design expression, process awareness and cost control, the current trendy brand printing process is still dominated by silk screen printing. Designers like to use a variety of printing processes to express the texture and level of the pattern.

T-shirt Custom Manufacturer

Often one supplier cannot complete all processes, and design ideas are limited to a certain extent. Some brands with higher premiums will use the combination of embroidery and direct injection to realize their profits. As some designer brands, it is recommended to establish contacts with multiple Cheap T-shirt Custom Manufacturer, enrich their supply chains, and enrich the expression techniques of their works.