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After 30 years of graduation, the classmates want to have a commemorative Best Custom T-shirt for their party. After all, it is not easy for everyone to meet for 30 years. A class reunion party T-shirt is a good choice, you can wear it and cherish it after wearing it.

Killing two birds with one stone, most of the classmates will choose to make a party T-shirt as a souvenir. They all wear the same custom T-shirts for the party. There is no distinction between the poor and the lowly, the worry of the high and the low, and the heart of comparison, which has brought the students closer to the heart. It seems that time has traveled to the season of 30 years. You and I only have classmates. You are cute, and I am also young. Just, classmates are young!

30 years of class reunion t-shirt design analysis: This time is not old, we will not lose the classic 30-year Custom T-shirt  Maker pattern, which is original by our factory, the number 30 is 3 on one side, the love acts as 0 on the other side, and the black reunion at the back, a sentence The reunion brings together students who have been separated for 30 years.

For the class reunion: the quality of a party T-shirt customization, the factors of pattern design play the finishing touch, the design of pattern design requires professional design talents, must meet the following three points, first of all, there must be artistic accomplishment and art skills, This is the most basic requirement.

For example, a haircut requires a hairdresser. Anyone can use scissors. Anyone can use them. However, it is not enough to cut off the hair. It is necessary to cut the hair to the satisfaction of the customer. . So the 30-year party T-shirt pattern design is not something that an ordinary person just draws.

30 Years Class Reunion T-shirt Custom Pattern Design Analysis: This round-neck white cotton T-shirt pattern is inspired by CCTV’s local column. Our factory designer Xiao Liu has been dating for 30 years. This red pattern is printed on a white Clothing Printing.

Conspicuous, good visual effect. The photography is cute. The name of the school and class can be placed under the number 30, and the year 1990-2000 can also be changed. Students who want to do it can contact our factory for free design.

Secondly, the designer must have experience, just like a chef cooking, no amount of salt is used for how many dishes, and experience is all accurate. Looking at the cow, in fact, it has been tempered through thousands of actual operations, and who knows the failures. Our factory has been established for more than ten years, and has 8 professional pattern design designers. More than 10 million customers have been served?