Cheap CustomT-shirt Printing Design

A new type of clothing customization service Cheap CustomT-shirt in recent years, this kind of service was only limited to T-shirt customization service 5 or 6 years ago. Now, with the maturity and progress of clothing technology, it has expanded to all kinds of clothing customization. Now, for everyone, you may only have heard of this service, but you have not understood this service very carefully. Let’s set a flag here. Clothing customization will become a popular trend in the near future, and there will be more users who like personalization.

Today, I will tell you about the customization of sweaters in clothing customization. The sweater is just suitable for the current seasonal climate. In the influence of everyone, the sweater may be the pullover sweater. In fact, there are many types of sweaters. Like the mainstream round neck sweaters and hoodies, they are all types of sweaters. Don’t think of sweaters as very heavy. It is a light and thin sweater style that works well on the upper body.

To look good and comfortable to wear CustomT-shirt Printing, the most inseparable thing is the fabric of the bottom shirt. Generally, everyone chooses cotton fabrics, so why not choose other fabrics? Because everyone doesn’t know how other fabrics are, and they can’t tell the difference between good and bad, so choosing cotton fabrics is the safest.

There are many fabrics in sweater customization that are more cost-effective and Custom T-shirt Design comfortable than cotton fabrics. The blended cotton fabrics of mercerized cotton and lycra cotton are quite good, similar in function to cotton fabrics, and the comfort is also very good. From professional In terms of level, under certain conditions, these blended cotton fabrics are much better than pure cotton fabrics.

After reading the fabric, let’s talk about the pattern of the sweater. The pattern of T-shirt Printing Design the ready-made sweater is generally printed by the merchant, and the customization of the sweater is designed by yourself, or the pattern you like is printed on the sweater, which can be reflected to a certain extent. Out of one’s own unique style of dressing, and more is the embodiment of T shirt personalization, the customization is more about the transmission of one’s own emotions, reflecting one’s own emotions and emotions on the clothing, infecting everyone around.

In addition to the choice of fabrics and patterns, the customization needs to be done by yourself, as well as the printing process, the number and size of customization, and the printing process is the key point. To test, everyone should take a small notebook and write it down. The common printing process is silk screen. Printing, digital direct injection, and embroidery, etc., silk screen printing is the most common printing process, and it is also low-cost, suitable for mass printing of a single pattern.