Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Online

No matter what the yearly fashion is, those classics will never be replaced by other trends. Some people say that what is the difference between white Custom T-shirt anyway? Is there a need to customize pure white T-shirts? But very few.

Generally speaking, one of the people who want to customize a white T is the customization of T-shirts that like simple atmosphere and pursue quality. Another group of people who customize white T-shirts are the bottom shirts of hand-painted cultural shirts. This group of people is a large number of white bottom shirts customized by enterprises or groups.

As mentioned earlier, although they are all white T-shirts, the difference and knowledge here are big if you want to wear a white T-shirt with temperament and taste. So what kind of customized white T-shirt can wear a different sense of luxury? Let’s follow Let’s go and see the crazy customization editor together!

The feeling of a white T-shirt being customized is related to the weight, count, and material of the T-shirt, and the tailoring and production process of the T-shirt affects the version of the T-shirt and thus affects the wearing feeling of the T-shirt. Regarding the material selection of white Tee, do not choose too thin and transparent materials, which will show inferior quality. It is best to choose a material that looks silky. The weight of T-shirts design on the market is generally between 160 and 220 grams. It is recommended to choose between 180 and 260 grams for short-sleeved T-shirts. If they are too thin, they will be transparent, and if they are too thick, they will be stuffy.

The custom count of T-shirts is generally 21 and 32, which refers to the average number of cotton fiber lengths, the higher the softer. Veil is divided into plain yarn, semi-fine yarn and fine yarn. The surface of the plain yarn fabric is rough, and the surface of the fine yarn fabric is neater and softer. The purchase must have the concept of material, according to the feel.

Generally, the fabrics of T-shirt Screen Printing are divided into polyester cotton and pure cotton. Polyester-cotton fabric features: soft and thick, not easy to be deformed by washing, but slightly less comfortable to wear than pure cotton. Common polyester-cotton is 80% cotton, 20% polyester or 65% cotton, 35% polyester ratio.

The characteristics of pure cotton fabrics: good hand feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly to wear, but slightly less rigid. It is easy to wrinkle and deform easily after entering the water. There are also cotton and linen fabrics, which are cool and breathable in summer, suitable for girls with artistic temperament. The disadvantage is also easy to wrinkle and deform.

The textured fabrics in high-quality custom T-shirts include: compact siro spinning, mercerized cotton fabrics, pure cotton double-mercerized fabrics, and ultra-high-count yarn pure cotton fabrics. Among them, ultra-high-count yarn pure cotton fabrics are very expensive and less expensive. Some companies will use it, and some independent niche brands in China will have it. Generally, the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabrics with more than 200 yarns is quite high, and the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabrics with 250 yarns is more expensive, and there is no domestic production process for such fabrics.

Here’s another point to explain. Many people think that T-shirt Screen Printing Online must be made of pure cotton, and other blended cotton fabrics are not good. In fact, this is wrong. It is undeniable that pure cotton fabrics are natural, comfortable and breathable, but the front is also Speaking of some limitations of pure cotton fabrics.

If you want a white T-shirt to be washable, durable, crisp and stylish, then ordinary pure cotton T-shirts cannot do it, but some blended cotton can retain pure cotton fabrics. Some superior properties can change some of the shortcomings of pure cotton T-shirts, so this type of fabric is actually more expensive than pure cotton because of its superior performance.