Vistaprint T-shirt Maker Design Your Own Shirt    

Summer is here, and the weather is slowly getting hot. There are many ways to cool down, and dressing well is one of them. However, the customization of Pima cotton Vistaprint T-shirt, known as the “nobility of cotton”, is a good partner for the summer heat, and is deeply favored by enterprises and groups.

Pima cotton light luxury, since it was launched, has been designated by many enterprise groups for customization. Why do more and more people like Pima cotton T-shirt customization? Pima cotton fabrics are far different from ordinary cotton fabrics. It is reported that only 3% of the world’s cotton is called Pima cotton.

Why more and more business groups choose pima cotton custom T-shirts, pima liquid ammonia plain T-shirt Maker Design, the durability/toughness is 45% higher than that of ordinary cotton, and the drape and shape are excellent.

Pima cotton is the general name of the best extra long-staple cotton. It is mostly produced in the United States. Its toughness is 45% stronger than that of ordinary cotton. In addition, its softness, moisture absorption, comfort and gloss are higher than ordinary cotton. It is summer. The premier choice for custom t-shirts.

Washable / Add 3-5% elastic fiber, frequent washing is not easy to deform. Why add 3-5% elastane (spandex) to custom fabrics? I believe that many people have had such a problem: some T-shirts are either deformed at the neckline or at the hem after being machine washed several times.

When the custom PIMA cotton is added with elastic fiber, the elasticity is better, the hand feel is softer, and it is not afraid of deformation. It can be washed arbitrarily for a summer, and it still looks like a new one. This is where the Pima cotton T-shirt is amazing.

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