Custom Short Sleeve T-shirt

After the user uploads the text and pattern they want to customize, the platform will automatically determine the optimal production plan and estimate the cost according to the pattern content and the number of prints. In this process, users can forward the renderings to major social platforms, share them with colleagues or friends, and collect their ideas and opinions. From placing the order to receiving the clothes, the whole process takes about 5 days.

Why can’t anyone do something as simple as T-shirt customization? In fact, T-shirt customization is not a new thing. You can find and experience this kind of service in some street creative clothing stores or online treasures.

But aside from the geographical limitations of offline stores, there are also flaws in the domestic online T-shirt customization industry. The service providers in the apparel customization market are in a small and scattered form. It is often difficult to distinguish and compare the craftsmanship of merchants in communication – a common phenomenon is that the quotations of merchants with the same display picture on Taobao are very different. “Actually, Taobao sellers don’t do the supply chain at all, and they transfer the order to the factory after receiving the order.

Since there is no direct contact with consumers, the factory also loosely controls the quality of orders. “You T founder Liu Chao told. Clothes manufacturing is an extremely complicated thing. Even a seemingly standardized product like a Custom T-shirt Pattern has a very troublesome supply chain behind it.

Starting from the procurement of clothing embryos, it is necessary to find a printing factory, and then go through many different processes (such as printing, labels, etc.), then to packaging (at this time, you need to connect with packaging workers), and finally to logistics suppliers and after-sales. Before the clothes embryo, there is the post-processing, and the front is also the garment processing, fabric procurement, printing and dyeing, raw materials and so on.

In general, all links in the supply chain of Custom T-shirt Pattern under the traditional method are loosely connected and information is decoupled, which can easily lead to fluctuations in product quality. For example, the color difference, the error on the fabric, and even the size of different batches of clothes will be different, which is difficult to standardize.