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T-shirts are a clothing item with a high appearance rate in summer. T company is in the peak season of T-shirt customization, and many corporate groups are also preparing corporate cultural shirts.

In summer, it is very common to customize T-shirts as corporate cultural shirts. On the one hand, it can enhance the overall image and show the corporate culture, and on the other hand, it can increase the group awareness of employees and make the team more collective.

First of all, customized T-shirts, as corporate cultural shirts, are the facade of an enterprise. The uniform wearing of employees can reflect the overall image and temperament of the enterprise, and can also show the standardization and formality of enterprise management. At the same time, the design of T-shirts printing online can also reflect the culture and business philosophy of a company.

T-shirt customization can increase employees’ group awareness and sense of belonging to the company, and can weaken the differences between employees and strengthen the similarities, which can reduce the psychological burden of employees and improve work efficiency.

The customization of corporate T-shirt Design Website can also strengthen the supervision of employees and regulate the behavior of employees. When employees wear customized clothes, it means that they are in working hours, which can improve the efficiency of employees.

But it is undeniable that many employees do not like to wear uniform clothing such as corporate cultural shirts. Most of them think that their personality will be restrained, especially for young employees. In fact, we can consider this when designing corporate cultural shirts.

You can let employees brainstorm ideas, design their own t-shirts, and then vote for them, which will make employees more involved and more receptive. Corporate t-shirts do not require employees to wear them every day, but they will be more popular with good-looking and high-quality t-shirts.

The soul of the cultural shirt is given by the enterprise, and the composition of the soul is generally the culture, goal or slogan of the enterprise. Whether it is the goal printed on the chest or the culture printed on the back, the concise text reveals the power of the enterprise.

The fonts of the characters themselves have their own beauty, and they can enrich the patterns after being designed. The text is presented in an atmospheric font and writing method, which improves the temperament of the whole cultural shirt to a higher level. The font presented in a more artistic form, just like this design by Zhan Xingli, with the addition of text that is suitable for the Year of the Ox and has a sense of arrogance.

Coupled with the combined printing of various printing processes, the whole set of corporate cultural shirts adds a sense of fashion. Reasonable use of various printing processes makes the printing pattern of corporate cultural shirts more brilliant.

The front of the cultural shirt in the advertisement adopts traditional embroidery technology. The printed pattern produced by the embroidery process is not only three-dimensional, but also has a unique line sense of embroidery thread.

The back uses fluorescent and reflective technology, which adds a cool and trendy temperament to this cultural shirt, which is also in line with its own corporate temperament. This corporate t-shirt from Xiaogetong also incorporates the elements of the Year of the Ox. The combination of the image of the ox and the first anniversary node of the company has a good meaning.

At the same time, the heat transfer process of Polo Shirt Design company is adopted, the color fastness of the printing pattern is strong, the pattern is clear, the color is bright, and it does not fade for a long time. What kind of printing process can best set off the atmosphere of the event? The black and gold combination is a classic process. The printing is more gorgeous and delicate.

In the context of competition activities, choosing the bronzing process for production can also add atmosphere to the competition and improve the quality of the competition. T Company has customized its own printing base of 65,000 square meters, and has a complete printing process in the industry. Through superb technology and imported equipment, the printing can better restore your cultural elements, and provide customers with high-quality, high-quality T-shirts/polo shirts.