Custom T-shirt Printing Business Company T-shirt Design

Although Custom T-shirt are just a type of clothes that are common in summer and can’t be more common, the quality can still be seen. Even if it’s not for showing off, we should choose the one with a slightly higher price and better quality. Wear it right. T-shirt customization also has quality points, let’s take a look at the difference between them.

High-quality t-shirt prints are clear and non-blocking. Low-quality t-shirts have blurry prints and occasional sticking. High-quality T-shirts, take Hongzhuo as an example. Hongzhuo will use expensive Kangli ink for printing, and strictly control the quality, so that every detail is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As long as the T-shirts are not pressed together, in general, the prints will not stick to the clothes.

And low-quality T-shirt Printing Business, because of the low price, so in order to reduce costs, the ink will also use cheap. This will cause the print to be blurred in places and not smudged. The ink used for ordinary T-shirts will also be more easily damaged than high-quality T-shirts to a certain extent.

Since high-quality T-shirts ensure the high-end nature of the brand, the requirements for routing will be more stringent than ordinary T-shirts. Like LV’s T-shirts, because of the pursuit of high-quality viewing, and even a few stitches on a line, there are clear requirements.

T-shirts have low prices and low costs, so they are generally only sewed carelessly. As long as there is no drop, they can be completed, and do not pursue viewing.

High-quality T-shirts have very strict standards on the collar. Let’s take Hongzhuo as an example. The collar of Hongzhuo’s T-shirts must be flat without undulations, and the embroidery words must be clear. Low-quality T-shirts will not care about the level of the collar, and the embroidered fonts will also be unclear. Some even have the problem of the collar falling off.

The actual size of Company T-shirt Design is unified with the official size chart, and there is no unified indicator for the size of quality T-shirts. All sizes of high-quality T-shirts are cut and produced in strict accordance with the size chart. You only need to refer to the data when purchasing.

When sent to the customer, the clothes have no odor, the appearance is neat, and the packaging is intact. This is too obvious. In addition to not being well placed, cheap clothes are even packaged so-so. Generally, after opening the package, the smell is still unpleasant. That is because the warehouse is wet and accumulated, which leads to peculiar smell. This is not the case with the high-priced Tee. Every link from you unpacking to seeing the goods will make you very comfortable.