Personalized Custom T-shirt Print Your Own T-shirt

T-shirt customization can be said to be one of the most commonly worn clothes in our daily life. It is cool and comfortable, simple and versatile. This basic item is indispensable in everyone’s wardrobe. With the diversification of public aesthetics, more and more people are not satisfied with the traditional finished T-shirts and want to wear more personalized T-shirts. Therefore, customized T-shirts are sought after by everyone.

So what problems should be paid attention to when customizing T-shirts, the following small grid will give you a brief inventory. Fabric, Xiaoge believes that the choice of custom T-shirt fabrics is very important, and good fabrics will give you a better sense of wearing experience.

The most common Custom T-shirt Print fabric is pure cotton, which is comfortable and breathable in summer and will not feel stuffy. Pure cotton can be subdivided into many types. GOOSN’s main combed long-staple cotton, pima cotton, mercerized cotton, etc. are all high-quality cotton materials, which are skin-friendly and comfortable.

Gram weight. The gram weight is an important technical indicator of knitted fabrics. It is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. The greater the gram weight, the thicker the clothes. The custom gram weight of Personalized Custom T-shirt is generally between 160 grams and 220 grams, and the thickness is relatively moderate.

Count is a unit that expresses the thickness of fibers or yarns. For example, one gram of cotton is made into 30 yarns with a length of 1 meter, that is 30 yarns. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, the thinner the woven cloth, and the softer and more comfortable the cloth is. Obviously, the higher the count of the cloth, the higher the quality of the raw material (cotton) is, and the T-shirt customization also has higher requirements for the spinning mill and the weaving mill, so the cost of the cloth is higher.

Carding is the yarn that is carded according to the general spinning system without going through the combing process. Compared with the combed yarn, the short fiber content in the roving yarn is higher.

Combing is a combing machine in the process of cotton yarn processing to remove more short fibers, impurities, better evenness strength, and make the fabric surface smoother.

There are many customized T-shirts. There are H-type, X-type and A-type. It is very important to choose the appropriate version according to your body shape.

A type – suitable for apple-shaped body, can cover the small belly, X type – standard S-shaped body, outline the body line, H type – suitable for almost all body types, not picking people, fashionable and covering the flesh, will not expose body defects, it is summer A must have T-shirt.

Custom T-shirts are largely because they can print their own patterns, so the choice of custom craftsmanship is also very important. Common production processes include screen printing, digital direct injection, and embroidery. In addition, GOOSN also has heat transfer, glue printing, 3D thick plate, luminous printing, reflective printing, imitation bronzing printing and other processes, which can meet more needs. Customized needs of customers.

Different production processes have slightly different requirements for customized t-shirt patterns. For example, screen printing is suitable for Custom T-shirt Print Your Own T-shirt patterns with relatively few customized colors, and it is not easy to drop the picture. Patterns with many colors are not suitable; digital direct injection is more suitable Dark clothes; if you want to embroider, it is not recommended to choose fabrics that are too elastic.

T-shirt customization determines the fabric and pattern process. Basically, you can let the merchant show the renderings, or even make a sample first to see if it meets your expectations. Our company customizes clothing, and the plaid shirt is more professional.