Personalized T-shirt Customization Clothing Printing

The key point of customizing T-shirts is that you can create a casual style or a sweet style according to the transformation of the bottoms; but in order not to make the whole monotonous, you need to use accessories to create highlights.

Matching example: white small round neck T-shirt, the soft and boney version is very tolerant to the figure, the whole T-shirt is finely tailored and streamlined to sing a song, satisfying the low-key and high-end fashion Personalized T-shirt that you want every day. A basic white T-shirt like this cannot be expected to grab people’s attention at first glance, its beauty is set off.

The stylish T-shirt is paired with dark blue flared jeans, and the lines of the legs are trimmed and elongated. The trousers with slightly raised sails have a strong retro Hong Kong-style beauty, which makes the original plain and simple commuter style wear with a retro and romantic charm; carrying a pink bag in hand, conveys the heart of a cute girl to the body every corner. Easy interpretation, what is the beauty of the atmosphere without age reduction. The more subtle the place, the more it can be seen with its matching skills.

The white pure cotton T-shirt is precisely because of the simple and advanced tone, so that any style attached to it can be in harmony. Let’s take a look at this Look, white T-shirt + high-waisted black wide-leg pants T-shirt Customization, the trouser legs are split to straighten the curve of the legs, and it is automatically upgraded to a fashionable outfit. Coupled with pink canvas shoes and rattan bags, it is simple and simple. The chic sense of luxury and the comfortable and casual day-to-day style are just right.

When wearing a white T-shirt, you can first decide on the atmosphere you want to create, for example: white T-shirt + pink suspender skirt, sweet, fresh and energetic. At this time, the white T acts as a reflector, which removes the impression of rose pink on the skin color, and buffers the visual impact of the rich pink that is too warm and full. Carrying a black cloud bag is perfect.

If you like not high-profile, but very brilliant outfits, try Japanese miscellaneous literary style. The white T-shirt remains unchanged, but it is best to choose dark blue for the color of the jeans, so that the color matching has an old-fashioned look; a printed headband is tied on the head, and the unexpected highlights allow the fashion to be revealed quietly.

This set of Clothing Printing looks the simplest, but it is also the most condensed essence of dressing. White T-shirt + white suit pants, matching the same color, but because of the satin luster of the pants, it is easy to create a layer. The curvilinear silhouette of the trousers has softened such a strong item as a white T-shirt. Finally, use the off-white knitted sweater to embellish the whole, and the beauty of laziness and comfort is unfolded.