Print Your Own T-shirts Custom Made

Today, we will not talk about the niche, and we will mainly talk about the cotton T-shirt that everyone will buy.

T-shirt cotton is not 100% cotton, and the more cotton content, the better. We often see pure cotton declared on Taobao. People naturally think that pure cotton = 100% cotton, but in fact, as long as the cotton content in the market reaches 70%, pure cotton can be marked, and the pure cotton you want is actually pure cotton. cotton.

In fact, it is not very good for a Print Your Own T-shirts to be made of 100% cotton, because in the frequently rubbed parts such as the neckline, the all-cotton shirt will deform and become loose after only a few washings-in essence, cotton is just a natural fiber. In terms of elasticity, resilience, and recovery, there is no way to compare with chemical fibers such as spandex polyester. Most neckline webbing also needs to add spandex and polyester to make the neck comfortable and resist multiple washings.

Many fabrics woven from cotton fibers and other chemical fibers, T-shirts Custom Made are not only wrinkle-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, but also smooth and delicate, producing a luster similar to metal. We don’t have to pursue pure cotton too much. If you exercise a lot and sweat easily in summer, adding polyester fibers and other fibers to the fabric will make you feel more comfortable.

In order to have a clearer understanding, when you buy a T-shirt, you can compare the ingredients in the table below to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the T-shirt you have.

Of course, don’t be fooled by the concept of the packaging of the fabrics, such as “fast cool silk”, “breezy fabric” and “ice porcelain cotton”, just remember that this is the combination of different fibers, not too much Sophisticated inventions.

Even if the same fiber has its own cost, good and bad, then we must have a thorough understanding of whether the cotton that occupies the largest proportion in the fabric is good or bad. The top-quality cotton is generally used to make high-end business clothing, such as shirts, suits, etc., and then luxury and high-end brand T-shirts.

Generally speaking, the good T-shirts we usually come into contact with are generally Xinjiang long-staple cotton (of course, those so-called Xinjiang long-staple cottons that cost dozens of dollars are fake), and the other is Pima cotton, which can be found in Genuine pima cotton.

The craftsmanship largely undertakes the implementation of concepts such as cloudy cotton, soft waxy feeling, and skin-friendly. Contrary to the mercerizing craftsmanship, T-shirt sanding is to grind the surface of the fabric into a layer of uniform and fine fluff, which feels very waxy when you get started. , If you wear it in autumn and winter, it will feel very comfortable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to hair and is not resistant to dirt.

However, I have to say it again here, short-term treatment cannot change the long-term texture, except that the combed cotton T-shirt process can really solve the problem at the fiber level, the other two make some superficial articles.

However, only working on the “surface” can’t hide the fact that it is inherently inadequate. Most of the hand and body feel after singeing or grinding will turn the T-shirt into its original shape after several washings.

Everyone gets what they want, don’t overdo it. Heavy is not really fragrant, and the count is too high is not good. With the popularity of the heavyweight concept of T-shirts in recent years, you don’t have one or two so-called heavyweight T-shirts, as if you are not living a summer with other people.