Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt Processing Technology

T-shirt Customization processing technology, friends who often buy T-shirts will find that although the same 100% cotton fabric is used, the surface touch of different products presents a completely different texture. Some are smooth and soft, some are rich in fluff and have a strong skin-friendly feel, and some have the characteristics of man-made fibers.

In addition to the above differences in textile technology and raw materials, these are all caused by differences in surface treatment of fabrics. T-shirt Customization Common surface treatment processes are as follows:

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Liquid ammonia mercerization Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt: Mercerization is a process in which cotton products (yarns, fabrics) are treated with a concentrated caustic soda solution (above 160g/L) under tension, and then the caustic soda is washed off under tension. After the treatment, the roundness of the fibers is increased, the surface smoothness and optical properties are improved, the intensity of the reflected light is increased, and the fabric shows a silk-like luster, making it have the effect of mercerized cotton.

Features after treatment: The gloss of the fabric is increased, with the general luster of silk fabrics, and the hand feels refreshing and smooth.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

The equipment used in the sanding process is a sanding machine, which uses sand skin, carbon, ceramics and other rollers to grind out the microfibers in the fabric yarn to form a fluffy effect on the surface.

Carbon sanding: A sanding roller made of carbon fiber abrasive filaments is used to treat the fabric, so that the surface of the fabric forms a layer with a short-pile feel. The treated hand feels soft, comfortable, rich in texture and strong in drape.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Ceramic sanding Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt: The textile is sanded with ceramic grinding rollers. The treated hand feels soft and suede-like.